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Kat Joanidou is a Greek, Cypriot dancer and choreographer who has been dancing since the age of 5.

She is the artistic director and choreographer of an international venue in Marrakech, Morocco where she employs dancers from all over the world.

Alongside Choreographing Kat is also coaching and motivating dancers in many parts of the world such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Athens, Cyprus and more.

She studied Dance Theatre Arts at London studio Centre Where she also currently teaches workshops.

Kat began her career as a dancer and choreography in Athens working with top artists.

Although she started off as a ballet dancer winning the title of the national champion and representing her country in New York at the Youth America Grand Prix. She decided she wanted to broaden her skill set and focus on other styles to eventually become a more versatile dancer and choreographer. This enabled her to open the door to more possibilities eventually leading her to Amsterdam.

After continuing her career as a dancer in Amsterdam she decided to make the move to Marrakech, Morocco where she is still the choreographer and artistic director of an international venue.

Meanwhile training with and working amongst the best choreographers in the industry incl: Galen Hooks, Aisha Francis, Yanis Marshall, Jojo Gomez, Danielle Polanco and many more...continually being a student, sharing her knowledge and creating artistry.

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